Engage your audience with an exceptional experience.

Shelf: the library platform for your content.

A platform to distribute your digital content on the web and mobile devices.

Your branded app

Choose your application name, your logo and look&feel to match with your Corporate Identity.

Sell your content

Sell your publications via the app stores through the in-app purchase system, subscription or coupon based system and Q&A unlock system.

Powerful CMS

Shelf has a reliable and scalable backend and uses Amazon AWS technology.

What is it?

SHELF is your branded library platform that allows your customers to buy, download and enjoy your digital content through a native app for iOS and Android and a web app for desktop. It supports interactive publications, PDFs and audiobooks.

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A powerful CMS.

You are entirely in control of your brand, catalogue and main visuals from the backend. SHELF has a reliable and scalable backend and uses Amazon AWS technology; you can access customer's data for your marketing purposes.

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It’s customised for you.

The application is white label, you can choose your own logos, colours and fonts and structure its pages as you wish. You will be able to add all the content you want and modify the pages and catalogue in real time.


Do you want to create interactive digital content?

PubCoder's XPUB format is the best solution for creating multilingual and interactive content with animations, games, quizzes, videos, and links.


Do you publish fixed content?

You can upload your PDFs and let your users enjoy them with the fast, built-in reader, with the full support of table of contents, flowable or page-turning view modes, and many other features. Are your customers tired? They can just put down the phone, and SHELF will get them just where they left off reading when they will open the app again!

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Do you produce audiobooks?

You will love our new player. It has a stunning UI which exploits your cover art using it as a theme and features chapters navigation, variable playback speed, background playback support with headphones/lockscreen controls, and so much more. You can even bundle a companion pdf book and read it while you listen, while maintaining full control of the playback in a mini player.

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Distribute and sell your content.

You can sell your content with the in-app-purchase system, auto-renewing subscriptions, coupon codes or custom unlocking mechanisms (e.g. to prove purchase of a physical good). You may distribute it for free. And you can also provide a free, fully customisable demo of your content for your users to try before buying.

Do you have international customers?

You can localise SHELF into English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Arabic and Chinese. However, if your language is already missing, you can localise SHELF providing us with the translation you need. And, of course, you can localise the content too, as you want.

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How do users access the content?

Shelf includes readers for XPUB interactive publications, audiobooks and PDFs. When your users download content on SHELF, they can use it offline without distributing it to others.The XPUB format is in fact protected with a tailor made DRM that encrypts all content files.

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Many users, zero problems.

You can enter a login to access the application, check your Google analytics, view registered users and keep them updated with push notifications. With SHELF, you can integrate your existing sign-in system and your custom purchasing systems.

We love special projects.

We love schools and projects with a social impact, and SHELF's technology has enabled many important initiatives worldwide; contact us, and click to find out more.



Made with shelf.


GiocaStorie by DeAgostini is a SHELF made for kids and their parents: it contains beautiful stories to read and listen to, animations to play with and many interactive activities for smartphones and tablets. The books, created with PubCoder, are made for an educational and engaging experience. Users can buy individual titles, purchase a subscription, or unlock them by answering a series of questions if the reader owns the paper version of the book.


The ROPAH Guides SHELF provides interactive ebooks to educate patients about radiation therapy and associated healthcare practices performed at the Ipswich Road and Raymond Terrace Radiation Oncology campuses, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. All content available for download in the ROPAH Guides is produced by qualified healthcare professionals with radiation oncology experience and is reviewed before publication by a multidisciplinary team employed by the Princess Alexandra Hospital's Cancer Services Division. Patients can then download specific ebook content from within the application onto their smartphone or tablet device.


APAJH 44 has collaborated several times with Mobidys on digital innovation projects. This collaborative work's latest result is Lilab, a digital library for young people, professionals, and teachers. The APAJH 44 team built a collection of books for students, professionals, and teachers by making this virtual library available to everyone. The Lab Project's goal is to offer a reading tool for children with DYS and from an inclusive perspective to all young readers. Simultaneously, the aim is to expand the range of interesting tools available to professionals in the medical-social sector and national education, to provide the best possible support to young people in their learning process.


Letterland is a UK-based publisher leader in textbooks to learn the English language. Using PubCoder Letterland created Letterland Friends and Letterland Fix-it Phonics, using SHELF in a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3/8-year-olds. Letterland characters turn letter shapes into pictographs that all live in an imaginary place called Letterland. Simple stories created to explain the sounds and shapes of letters, allowing children to make rapid progress toward word building, reading, and writing.


Edook is a digital library that collects projects for children and teenagers, teachers, educators, students, and creatives; it's free to download. It gathers free downloadable content. I.e., Curious Guide For Courageous Kids is an interactive book for families, made to help them explain Sars-CoV-2 to their kids.


Discover our plans!

An annual fee that includes an App for iOS and Android, hosting and required store updates.

Base version

  • iOS and Android App configuration
  • Submission to Apple Store and Google Play
  • Access to a web-based CMS (Content Management System)
  • AWS hosting of PubCoder contents on AWS Amazon
  • Analytics on user access and interaction with content
  • XPUB reader
  • Audiobooks reader
  • PDFs reader
  • Free app upgrades for iOS/Android (required from Google Play Store and Apple Store)
  • A distribution system for free content
  • Localisation (English, Italian, French, German, Spanish)
  • Training to the use of the CMS
Starting from

3.500 €

Pro version

  • In-app-purchase distribution system
  • Subscription "all you can eat" system
  • Q&A *(with stores limitations)
  • Coupons* (with stores limitations)
  • Audiobook reader + PDF incorporated
  • Push notifications
  • Proof contents
  • Languages: Arabic, Korean, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish
  • We can add all the languages you need* (providing us with the translation you need)
starting from

5.000 €

Enterprise version

  • Graphic theme and layout design
  • Shelf web version on a dedicated URL
  • Statics system for exercises
  • Building APIs
  • Contents creation
  • Technical support hourly package

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