A bookstore for your publications

Sell ​​your books on Google and Apple stores through one branded app. You can also distribute your content through a coupon system, integrate it with your website and show readers a sneak preview of your books. And if your customers already have a paper version of the book with our Q&A system you can let them unlock the online version.


A catalogue for your company

Inspire your customers, increase your reputation, build a branded app also useful for sharing and searching documents, reports and sales catalogues. With the login and password feature we can make each access personalized and secure, integrating it through API with your company database or website.


A portfolio for your clients

Show off your illustrations, portfolio and stories with a customised Shelf and engage your readers in a beautiful interactive experience. Get yourself known and sell your content on Apple and Google stores.


Create your content and distribute with Shelf

Create your publication with PubCoder or import your InDesign file to make your content interactive. Customise your branded Shelf application and sell or distribute them through the Apple Store and Google Play.



Your branded library

Choose your application name, insert your logo, set the preferred look&feel to match with your Corporate Identity. Create a custom User Experience to let readers discover, buy and engage with your content.


Your personal store

Distribute your free publications via the app stores or sell them through the in-app purchase system, coupon based system or Q&A unlock system. Shelf helps you integrate your subscriptions with your ecommerce.


What you get

Native iOS app
ios 9+
Native Android App
Android 4.4+
Solid and scalable backend
Your files and data are stored and managed using industry-leading Amazon AWS technology
Choose the languages you like: users can switch language with a tap to see everything from user interface to covers and metadata in another language.
Push Notifications
Send Alerts about new contents, offers and promotions, at your will
In-App Purchases
Apple App Store + Google Play Store
Apple App Store + Google Play Store
Coupons System
Manage and generate your coupons with ease in self-provisioning
Unlock with Questions
Users can even unlock contents by answering to questions of your choice
Login System
Your users can sign up to your app and restore purchases on other devices, even on different platforms!
Plug-in your own login and authorizations system
Already own a web store and what to share login and purchase info between the systems? There’s an API for that.
Access Control
You can protect your shelf so that it can be used only by people or clients you choose, if you need.
Theme & Branding
Customize the look & feel of the app to match your brand, including app fonts, color palette and much more
Build your Catalog
Build anything from a simple single-page shelf app to complex catalogs with multiple pages, sections and categories
Offline usage
Once you download a content, you can enjoy it whenever you want. No matter if you are on a plane or without Internet connection
Proofs & Demo
Include proofs or demo versions of your content so that your users can text the experience before deciding to buy
Advanced Search
Users can easily find a specific content by searching in text or metadata of your publications
Audiobooks and PDF support
Add audiobooks and PDF files to your catalog, taking advantage of the distribution and selling system and all of the other features offered by Shelf


Starting from € 3.500/year, including:

  • iOS and Android App configuration
  • Submission to Apple Store and Google Play
  • Access to a web-based CMS (Content Management System)
  • Free app upgrades for iOS/Android upgrades and/or code improvements
  • AWS hosting of PubCoder contents on AWS Amazon
  • Analytics on user access and interaction with content



GiocaStorie by DeAgostini is a Shelf made for kids and their parents: it contains beautiful stories to read and listen animations to play with and many interactive activities for smartphones and tablets.
The books created with PubCoder are made for an educational and engaging experience. Users can buy individual titles, purchase a subscription or if the reader is in possession of the paper version of the book, unlock them by answering a series of questions.

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For many years Matter Group has been working with innovative solutions to solve complex problems for some of the best international organizations all over the world.

Shelf has been used as an innovative digital tool for clients and as a multimedia library to share  documents, reports and presentations. The simple and innovative design of the app allows an intuitive navigation through interactive and animated contents composed using PubCoder.

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Open Science

Open Science is a library app conceived by the students from the Laboratory of Incubator for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at the University of Turin which took place during Salone Internazionale del Libro 2017.
The aim of the project was to make and show instant- eBooks created by students together with their teachers.
The books created for scientific dissemination are all available both for Apple store and Google Play store. It is a Base Shelf with single language Menu and the content is distributed for free.

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ROPAH Guides

The ROPAH Guides Shelf provides interactive ebooks to educate patients about radiation therapy and associated healthcare practices performed at the Ipswich Road and Raymond Terrace Radiation Oncology campuses, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.

All content available for download in the ROPAH Guides is produced by qualified health care professionals with experience in radiation oncology and is reviewed prior to publication by a multidisciplinary team employed by the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Cancer Services Division.
Patients can then download specific ebook content from within the application onto their smartphone or tablet device.

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Mobydis is a French publisher specialized in books for children with reading difficulties.
The Shelf could be used only via coupon: the user subscribes the app and enters the purchasing code to download the book.
The Frog reader app allows the user to read books on any device; the content is made with special tools used by speech therapists. Anyone struggling with reading can read them easily.

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about us

Laboris velit elit in sunt ad ullamco dolore sunt ex irure tempor consequat ut tempor ea enim tempor nostrud do Lorem id id et reprehenderit.

Mark Loss (CEO ABC)

about us

PubCoder's shelf is the easiest way to have your books on your device.
We use it with a light interface, dedicated to dyslexic people.
You just enter a code and you can read your book. Can't be more intuitive....

Marion Berthaut (Directice générale - Mobidys)

about us

Working with Shelf and PubCoder allowed us to show our entire catalogue into a functional and personalised app. Through Shelf we can now distribute all our interactive books in a simple and effective way for the user.

Paola Frignani (Digital producer - De Agostini)

about us

Since Scott McCloud published "Reinventing Comics", the challenge has been to find new interactive formats for "sequential art". Shelf allowed me to easily align my work with the UX of Comixology, Marvel and D.C. with a very cost effective solution.

Benedetta Frezzotti (Illustrator and Teacher at Istituto Europeo di Design)